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Optimal automated solutions and production systems for individual requirements and economical manufacturing processes - a product of the highest technological competence and high quality products.

multiFlex modular construction system

On the basis of the modular “multiFlex” system, various customer specific production processes with associated automation are implemented. Modularity is important in order to be able to efficiently implement different grid sizes for the external dimensions of the workpiece or for the process steps to be carried out inside. For production processes, acp systems AG can draw on existing core competence such as CO2 snow cleaning, microdispensing, soldering, assembly and handling. The modular system “mutliFlex” can be realized both as a single cell (stand alone) and as complex production lines by combining several “multiFlex” cells.

ecoFlex modularity and flexibility for workplaces in assembly and test

Manual or semi-automatic linking of self-sufficient workstations in “one piece flow”. Expandable with automatic stations. High flexibility with regard to design /product changes as well as product variety. Flexible with regard to personnel deployment (independent of location).

quattroClean standard cleaning module

With the innovative and patented CO2 dry cleaning with CO2 snow, acp systems provides a process that enables the efficient and gentle removal of particulate and filmic impurities (e.g. dust, flakes, oils) on almost all materials, both separately and integrated in production systems. This can be applied to large as well as selectively to the smallest defined functional areas with the highest purity requirements.

your advantages

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  • Both manually usable and highly automated and can be integrated into production (Industrie 4.0)
  • Individual extension of existing lines
  • Flexibly adaptable to customer wishes and requirements (application, location, process)
  • Robotics with image processing systems
  • Small parts handling and easy assembly
  • Handling and application of foils and pliable parts

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