Foil handling at the highest level

Air inclusion and particle free application of touch foils and flexible substrates Example: Touch foil application on touchpad

The application of the tauch foil onto the plastic substrate compo­nent of a touchpad or touchscreen must be without air inclusions or contamination of particles. In additional to this, there is the added challenge to remove the protective film from the tauch foil, without damage.

acp systems AG have developed such an automated system that can meet these challenges, that will mimic the anthropomorphic movement of the human hand to apply the foil, onto a curved sur­face substrate, without damage, air inclusions, or contamination.

Case Studies


Marquardt's many years of experience and expertise in the field of film handling led to today's acp systems AG. The task was the assembly of a touchpad.

Expertise: application of foils, vision guided motion

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