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Optimal automated solutions and production systems for individual requirements and economical manufacturing processes - a product of the highest technological competence and high-quality products.

modular construction system: multiFlex

Based on the modular construction system „multiFlex“, diverse customized production processes can be realised, including the corresponding automation. As an important factor, modularity allows processing various grid dimensions of work pieces and all necessary process steps in the interior.

modularity and flexibility for workplaces in assembly and test: ecoFlex

- Manual or semi-automated linking of work stations in ´one-piece-flow ´operations
- Extension possible by automated stations
- High flexibility according to product design/modifications and product diversity

standard cleaning module: quattroClean

acp-systems offers an innovative and patented CO2 dry cleaning system using CO2 Snowjet. As standalone or integrated into a production system this process allows removing particles and film contaminations as well in an efficient and smooth process.

  • competences

    Assembly technology and component handling

    Automated soldering

    Dry cleaning with CO2 snow jet

    Micro dispensing



    Foil processing


    Measuring & Inspection

    Wire processing