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applicable for almost all materials and cleaning principles with an approx. 40% cost advantage over conventional methods

JetWorker - Portable CO2 snow cleaning system

The JetWorker is an extremely compact portable cleaning system. It is particularly suitable for manually cleaning low to average numbers of parts and products, either as a portable solution or as a flexible tabletop solution.

JetStation - Manual CO2 snow booths for laboratory and R&D applications

A manual version of the automated JetStation with glove-box access suited to manual CO2 snow cleaning applications in laboratories, or for research design and development. Constructed in stainless steel with an integrated vertical air-flow mini-environment suited to cleanroom applications. Safety construction of the station is such to reduce noise levels to acceptable factory standards, and to comply with operator safety.

JetModule - Integrated process modules for serial production

Our CO2 snow cleaning system process modules are simple to integrate into automated systems. The modules are scalable and capable of accurately processing single components, of cleaning large surface areas of plastic automotive components, prior to be painted.

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