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applicable for almost all materials and cleaning principles with an approx. 40% cost advantage over conventional methods

JetWorker - Portable CO2 snow cleaning system

The JetWorker is a mobile cleaning system with extremely compact dimensions. It is particularly suitable for manual part and product cleaning of small to medium quantities, as is often the case in research or development areas. An integrated storage compartment for small CO2 bottles underlines the focus on maximum mobility and flexibility in daily use.

JetStation - Manual CO2 snow booths for laboratory and R&D applications

The stainless steel JetStation blasting cabinet can be used as a soundproofed sitting/standing workstation. The complete process technology for snow jet cleaning is integrated in the system housing. Depending on the required cleanliness class to be achieved, the work area of the cabin can be designed to be cleanroom-compatible. Cleaning tasks can be carried out manually in the JetStation. For higher requirements regarding part geometry, handling and cleanliness, the cleaning process inside the cabin can be fully automated.

JetModule - Integrated process modules for serial production

Our CO2 snow cleaning system process modules are simple to integrate into automated systems. The modules are scalable and capable of accurately processing single components, of cleaning large surface areas of plastic automotive components, prior to be painted.

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