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Ever-increasing demands regarding the cleanliness of component surfaces call for increasingly effective cleaning methods.

CO2 snow cleaning quattroClean ™ technology

The patented CO2 snow cleaning technology cleans sensitive component areas using a dry, environmentally-friendly, residue-free process. By utilising a supersonic cleaning jet, optimum cleaning results can be achieved with a minimum consumption of CO2.

dry - residue-free - partial - environmentally friendly

Whether for use in connection with painting plastics, manufacturing precision mechatronic products, in electronics or the semiconductor or optical industry, in order to achieve high-quality results in coating, painting, joining or other processes, surfaces need to be free of particles, oils and grease.

your advantages
  • automation

    Together with the option of a direct supply of liquid CO2 these features make the process especially suitable for automated applications. We offer a wide variety of solutions, ranging from portable cleaning systems, such as the JetWorker, through ready-assembled cleaning modules, right up to fully-automated production platforms.

  • CO2 snow cleaning functional principles

    Dissolving of filmy residues (solvent-free)

    Rinsing (increase in volume of approx. 500x during sublimation)

    Embrittlement of the contamination through rapid cooling

    Detachment due to the transmitted forces of pressure and shearing

  • CO2 snow cleaning advantages
    • Dry cleaning process
    • Non-abrasive
    • Solvent free
    • Cleaning is non-dependent on material
    • Residue-free cleaning
    • Reduction in costs
    • Improves product quality and process efficiency
    • Enables one-piece flow and lean-production
    • Process fits well with the execution of the Smart Factory for Industry 4.0
    • Environmentally-friendly and non-toxic
  • Thinking of the environment

    Liquid CO2 is recovered as a by-product from the chemical industry and from biodigestors. Using CO2 as a cleaning agent replaces toxic cleaning agents. Kinder to you and the environment!

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