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Products or components that were manufactured with our process solutions can be found in fields of the automotive supplying industry, electronics / microelectronics, medical technology, consumer electronics and photovoltaics.


In the field of electronics, there are various applications where the acp quattroClean dry cleaning process reliably and reproducibly meets the highest cleanliness requirements. Cleaning of printed circuit boards prior to assembly, removal of solder residues and minute particles (in the 1-digit μm range) of wiring patterns, or cleaning of masks and exposure optics are typical applications for acp cleaning technology.


Implants, prostheses, cannulas and many other parts used in medical devices must be cleaned from particals and cinematic residues after the manufacturing process to very high cleanliness standards. The acp quattroClean dry cleaning process does it in one step. The continuous use of fresh CO2 and high-purity compressed air virtually eliminates re-contamination of the surfaces, as it may occur in wet-chemical processes.


leak currents or short circuits may cause massive damage in the complex supply and drive systems of e-drives. Failures of subsystems or the failure of the entire system cause unwanted repair costs. A short circuit in the battery cells caused by metallic particles may cause a fire that is difficult to embank, thus bringing vehicle passengers into massive danger. The acp quattroClean dry cleaning process reliably removes even the smallest particles and reproducibly meets the highest cleanliness requirements.

plastic parts coating or painting

surfaces of high-quality plastic components that need to be finished by painting or coating must be cleaned free from residue before this finishing step. The acp quattroClean dry cleaning process does this in just one step. Particulate and filmic contaminations are removed efficiently and extremely cost effective. Thanks to standardized modular design, the cleaning process can be integrated into existing as well as new coating lines.


punched parts are often used in the electromechanical industry. "High speed" coil-manufactured parts must be freed of small chips and flakes before they can take over their function in the electromechanical components. For this, acp systems AG offers an easy-to-integrate solution for cleaning punched strips with the acp quattroClean dry cleaning process.


Due to the specific requirements more and more components can no longer be cleaned to the high cleanliness requirements using conventional, wet-chemical cleaning. New materials and material combinations, increasingly smaller and more complex geometries, as well as small quantities - up to batch size 1 - require highly flexible, precise cleaning processes adapted to the components. With the acp quattroClean dry cleaning process, components can be cleaned reliably and reproducibly with high cleanliness - the entire surface or partially.

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