Trends such as electromobility, lightweight engineering, miniaturization and Industrie 4.0 have given rise to new challenges in the eld of industrial parts cleaning.

With its quattroClean system, acp oers a solution capable of performing a wide range of cleaning tasks reliably, reproducibly and cost-eectively. In addition, the dry, residue-free and environmentally-neutral cleaning technology can be adapted to individual requirements, is highly compact, easy to automate and simple to integrate into production lines, Industrie 4.0 manufacturing systems and cleanrooms. Whether it is the automotive or supplier industry, precision or micro engineering, medical technology, mechatronics, electronics or other industrial sector, current trends are changing requirements concerning parts cleaning. This also includes an increasing number of
smaller and more complex parts and components. Shorter product life cycles, lower product volumes right down to the manufacture of single parts, the use of new materials and material combinations, for example for lightweight engineering applications, and new or modied production processes. Electromobility, autonomous driving and manufacturing environments designed for Industrie 4.0 are further developments which are inuencing parts cleaning. There are cases where material combinations or surface structures are unsuitable for wet-chemical cleaning, or only certain areas of components need a specic degree of cleanliness, such as bonding, welding or sealing surfaces, or cleaning steps are performed on assembled components.

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