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    Zimmern ob Rottweil (D)

    At the Zimmer location, we integrate CO2 snow-jet cleaning processes as well as different bonding and assembly processes into automated solutions

    Albring 18
    D-78658 Zimmern ob Rottweil
    Phone: +49(0)741 - 175299 - 0
    Fax: +49(0)741 - 175299 - 670

    Ditzingen (D)

    Here, we develop the technology for CO2 snow-jet cleaning and built it into standardized modules and stand-alone solutions.

    Berblingerstraße 8
    D-71254 Ditzingen
    Phone: +49(0)7156 - 48014 - 0
    Fax +49(0)7156 - 48014 - 10