Application specific dosing

of pastes and adhesives

Accurate, repeatable and uniform

A core competence of acp systems AG is the process of micro-dispensing. One application in the photovoltaic sector, is the process of dispensing silver conductive adhesives onto glass substrates to create the electrical busbar in the manufacture of solar modules.

In this application, the challenge is to provide an accurate, flat and uniform adhesive line, resulting in an even and uniform conductive bond to the substrate.

To achieve this, and working closely with the industry sector, a special purpose micro-dispending valve was developed to achieve precise dosing of solder pastes, viscous sealant, and other materials enriched with solid particles.

The target is to meet the three level criteria of time, pressure and dosing quantity to lay an accurate, repeatable line thickness of materials containing metallic particles.

Example: Thin-füm solar module

Case Studies

BERU: special automation

From acceptance on the concept, a fully automated production line was manufactured and delivered to dispense magnesium oxide powder, repeatably and accurately within a 6 second cycle time.

Expertise: Micro dosing, compacting, soldering and measuring

Thin-film module

Dispensing is another core competence of acp systems AG. In the following case study, the application of micro-dispensing is used in the photovoltaic industry when applying conductive silver adhesives, precisely to a glass substrate in solar modules.

Expertise: Thin-film module

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