Due to the good reputation of acp GmbH in the field of technical cleanliness, Continental was won as a customer. The application was the cleaning of piezoelectric stacks. Initially, Continental made exclusive use of the CO2 process by integrating it into an existing automated system. When demand increased, resulting in an increase in the number of units and the switch to 3-shift operation, the capacity of the existing plant was no longer sufficient. Acp was then commissioned to supply a turn-key fully automated system with an integrated CO2 snow blasting process.

The application case, which results here in detail, is contamination from a grinding process of the piezoelectric stacks. Grinding particles (dust, flakes and chips) are deposited on the surface, which are then cleaned using CO2 snow blasting technology.

The stacks are cleaned in groups of 5. The piezo stacks are guided into an enclosed working area and positioned under one cleaning nozzle each. During the cleaning process, the complete nozzle unit is moved along the long side of the stacks, at the same time the stacks rotate around their own axis, clamped in the rotary holder. These movements lead to a spiral cleaning of the stacks.