Marquardt is an international independent, family-owned company headquartered in Germany, and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mechatronic switching and operating systems. The company’s products are used by many manufacturers in the automotive industry. Marquardt systems can also be found in household appliances, industrial applications, power tools and e-bikes. (wikipedia)

Marquardt’s many years of experience and expertise in the field of film handling led to today’s acp systems AG. The task was the assembly of a touchpad, in particular, the challenges were to apply the contact foil to the plastic component so that no air inclusions were introduced, otherwise the touchpad would not be usable. On the other hand, when removing the protective film from the contact film, it must not be soiled or damaged. In order to prevent contamination, the machine was completely enclosed, and an extraction system installed. In addition, a rolling motion trajectory has been developed that prevents air inclusions when applying the film to the curved surface. This process was based on the movement pattern of the human hand when applying the film. The process in monitored using a vision guided motion system to ensure consistent and repeatable quality. The system, which is equipped with a camera, sends feedback to the robot controller so that the plastic component can be precisely approached.