Hechinger Group is a leading supplier in the development and manufacture of customer-specific magnet systems as well as mechatronic and electronic assemblies. (www.hechinger.de)

Hechinger contacted acp systems AG with the task of completely automating the assembly of a circuit board for car mirror adjustment. The concept had already been described by the client and had to be implemented by acp; the individual stations, processes and sketches were completely predefined.

The challenges were the handling of small parts as well as the soldering process of tiny components. The geometry of the complete component required precise work, for example to achieve parallelism and perpendicularity of the metallic pins during the soldering process. A custom fixture for the printed circuit boards was developed for this process section. After the soldering process, a CO2 snow jet was used to remove flake residues from the printed circuit board. The handling of small components such as the rotor, O-rings and washers around a rotary table could be ensured by means of spiral conveyors and precise robot adjustments. The individual work steps within the cells were connected via a transport system. The last two steps were used to electrically check the complete circuit board and to measure the torque.